Wednesday, October 31, 2007


March something 2007 70's bistro, pictures from vins.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

some random stuff


1.  Got lots of free time these past few days.
2.  Will be changing my pack for the next month, I just hope the SEs won't be as much.
3.  Shift-Enter was taught by Mando. And he taught me so much more. I saw our college pictures and they made me reminisce the 4bottles-in-an-hour-afternoon on a school day-days in chickenboy, na ngayon e ang laki lang.

Oh yes the meatshop days.









THE IG: Tish Mando Charm DL Me (on our way to Class in Chickenboy)






 This is my rally attire when I was the kaladkarin and tambay sa pub na hindi edboard of Matanglawin. And again, my point, Mandybelles.

Non-college na kami nito so si Mando sabog na talaga. hehehe. Last gig of Monkeyspank (yes, we are the AliFrias fan club officers)

4.  Cine Europa in Shangri-La makes me happy.
5.  Malacanang cabinet meetings = fun!! especially that I get to be "ahead" of the news. Milca and I were in our happy mode last Cabinet Meeting, thus:


Some security person on their regular working day inside the palace. "Better wear this uniform than carry guns."



That picture of the Gloria is actually made of precious stones from some country/ies.



 Sinakto namin na walang tao, nakakahiya ksi magpicture-taking dun as if mga turista kame.. hehehe.





6.  I love the following right now:
a.) Gossip Girl (the tv series, NOT the novels)
b.) The Secret Diary of A Call Girl (based on The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl by Belle de Jour)
c.)  Still loves Anthony Taberna in the morning when I wake up, when he drives me to work and drives me home from work)
d.)  Cine Europa in Shangri La, Kimchi, Chowking and my inspiration who's now so busy with his school requirements.
e.)  Can You Keep A Secret by Kinsella, The Time Traveller's Wife, and of course my beloved hp Laserjet 1200 Series Printer and my unending provider of bookZ. You know who you are. Thanks much.
f.)  The 8am news in Umagang Kay Ganda, usually about road accidents which occurred the madaling araw before.
g.)  Im loving that I haven't been spending (almost) anything the past few days, (well basically because I paid almost half a month's salary to my my rent seeking landlords for the Deposit and Churvanesses when I moved to a relatively bigger apartment.
h.)  My pink blazer and my yellow blazer.
i.)  Earphones in the office. *wink *wink
j.)  (milk) tea.

7.)  Again, because I don't go out anymore, I take pictures of myself at home:










This is my tired face without make-up. Parang before and after ng Ponds Whitening System.

8.) I'm happy I can multiply here in the office.
9.)  I think I may have lost my beloved SM Advantage Card; I'm finally getting my Rustans Fresh Card.
10.) I will have to get back to work now. Aerated Chocolate, anyone?? =)