Sunday, June 23, 2013

Modern Cloth Nappying

Modern Cloth Nappying: Helping save the environment one nappy at a time.

One Week Menu Plan: June 16 - June 22

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The goal this week is to finish everything that is perishable so I can turn off the refrigerator by Saturday (and save one week worth of electricity) when we stay in my Parent's place next week.

For breakfast today, we still have leftover Chicken Adobo, and leftover steamed rice from yesterday:

It's just the Husband and I today, since Yaya (as in every weekend, is on day-off). Cecilia will have to eat her Honey Stars breakfast cereals if she refuses to eat this.

The scrambled egg is made with butter and cheese. (Thanks for the unfortunate event that happened to my mother in law's refrigerator that broke down, I have free food, including my Magnolia Butter-licious.)

The fried rice is made from three pieces of leftover Chicken Adobo, Magnolia Butter-licious, and leftover rice from yesterday. (Since Cecilia demanded that we go McDo Delivery for dinner, and I was not feeling well that I had to stay in bed the whole afternoon.)

We went to my Parent's house in Pasig. And it was a feast, as always. It was Father's Day and I forgot to take pictures when food was served:

Seafood Kare-Kare, Beef Caldereta, Black Gulaman for Lunch, Bulalo for Dinner. All cooked by Mom. I did not take home any food since my goal this week is to finish everything inside the ref.

Monday June 17, 2013

For breakfast, I still have a loaf of bread that's not soft anymore and I ask Yaya to make them into French Toasts by cooking them in butter, after soaking them in Milk and beated egg.

(This works for left-over pandesal as well.)

Saturday, June 22 2013

It's Saturday morning today and as always, I am not able to keep track of everything. Haha. I tried to, but i sometimes just eat and not take pictures anymore. I'll try again next week.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

NR: Interim Goddess of Love Book 1

This is by Mina V. Esguerra. College-High School Read. Interim Goddess of Love Book 1.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

An Old Nail Cutter

It just does not work anymore. So now I have to look for another one, or buy another one.

NW: HBO Series Girls Season 1

Only when Cecilia and the husband are not around I am able to watch anything on TV. Now Watching: HBO Series Girls Season 1 that I downloaded on my very old desktop, transferred to 8gig-Mike's-Conference-Freebie-USB, and I am now watching on the TV.

They will be home in the afternoon, and it's going to be Disney Channel til night time.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Girl Time Out

I spent the whole day sleeping. Good thing I did not forget my dinner date with them.

Thanks for the gifts for Cecilia! =)

Friday, June 07, 2013

Pre-Delivery Paperwork

After all the excitement in knowing that you are pregnant, keep in mind that there are Pre-Delivery Paperwork that you have to attend to:

1. SSS Notification
2. Philhealth
3. Private Health Insurance
4.Maternity Leave and Maternity Benefits

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Parents' Orientation Miriam Child Study Center Nursery

This is my second Parents' Orientation in Miriam College Child Study Center. Cecilia will be in Nursery this June. (Last year she was in First Step.)

Nursery in Miriam College Child Study Center has a bigger class size. And as in normal schools, Cecilia's First Step Class was shuffled:

She will be in Nursery-6, an afternoon class composed of 15 girls and 7 boys. (So as early as now I want to prepare birthday gifts for these children.) She has several classmates from First Step: Jaymee and Sophie. And I see familiar kids from First Step as well: Lara and Aryn.

I made it a point to schedule trips now to save on gas and my energy so I bought a car sticker as early as now:

Miriam College's car sticker policy starts in August, and they will be increasing prices (from 600php to 1,000php for a Student Car) starting August 31st. 

I just don't want to fall in line again, like last year. 

(I took a picture before Manong Guard removed it.)

This is the new sticker for this school year. 

And this is mommy and Cecilia and baby Josefina inside mommy. 

Also, even if this is Cecilia's second school year in Miriam, she is still too small for the smallest default-ready-made size of their uniform. So as early as April we already went to the Sewing Center for her measurements. We got the uniform sets after one month. (Last year Cecilia went to school in her first few days in her casual clothes because I was late in having her measurements.)

(600php per set of uniform + 50php per pair of socks) X pink, blue, orange, green, yellow

And there will always be that overpriced Ice Cream patiently waiting for Little Kids:

How can you say NO to this adorable little girl?

Quezon City Barangay Health Center

Again, I am thankful to Marjorie for letting me know the benefits of the Health Center.

This is how the Barangay Sangandaan Quezon City Health Center looks like from outside, with mothers waiting patiently for their turn. I am one of them today, but this time I know better:

1. I brought entertainment: fully charged phone and a book.
2. I brought snacks and drinks.
3. I brought alcohol and tissue (for when I pee)

I also have my clear plastic envelop of pre-natal records from my Ob-Gyne and the Mommy and Baby Book that they gave me from my first Barangay Health Center Visit.

(I just find this sign amusing.)

Still, it's like a normal pre-natal visit.. they check your weight gain, blood pressure and ask routine pre-natal questions. 

I just had a small chat with Ms. Anna, the midwife. I thanked her for the freebies she gave me the last time, and thanked her for her advices as well.

I also gave her a pouch and a belt from my gift box.

She told me that since I already had two visits with them, I can have my baby vaccinated there.

I will have to consult these with Cecilia's pedia. I'll tell her these are for free.

And this is my preggy-oh-so-mommy look for today:

(I really would like to have our walls painted egg-shell-white one of these days.)

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Freebies: DVDs and VCDs

Need the space at home:

Beautiful Creatures
Hotel Transylvania
Zombadings Patayin sa Shokot si Remington
Jack and the Giant Slayer
Jason Statham's The Lightning Theif At the Speed of Light
Samurai X Rurouni Kenshin
Ice Age 4
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
Jet Li Classic Movie Collection
Total Recall
Spartacus Season 3
Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn
The Witness
Vampire Resistance
Mars Needs Moms
28 Hotel Rooms
Clash of the Titans
Robin Hood
The Number 23
Rocky Balboa
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
No Strings Attached
Black Gold
Prince of Persia
Disney Princess Collection
Monsters Inc
Letters and Words
Hello Kity Collection
Sing Along with Barbie
Dora the Explorer Collection
Sesame Street Let's Play
The Magic Schoolbus Collection
Hi5 Go Wild
The Little Mermaid Collection
Tinkerbell: Secret of the Wings
Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue
Smallville Season 4
Beyonce: The Beyonce Experience Live
When a Man Loves a Woman
Simpsons Season 1
Love Story
The Princess Diaries
Dexter Season 1
King Arthur
Meg Ryan Collection
The Bounty Hunter
The Little Drummer Girl
Black Snake Moan
Six Feet Under Season 4
BBC's The Human Series
Big Love Season 1-3
The Pacific
Findng Forrester
Van Helsing
The Duel at Silver Creek
28 Days
Demolition Man
Open Range
The Charge of the Light Brigade
Poodle Springs
Blood and Sand
Memoirs of a Geisha
Jason and the Argonauts
Akeelah and the Bee
An Inconvenient Truth
I am Dina
North Shore Season 1
The Little Prince
The Office Season 1-2
Damages Season 1-3
Knights of the Round Table
Love Story in Harvard
Lipstick Jungle Season 2

Taken 2
My Neighbor's Wife
In Your Eyes
Sleeping Beauty
Les Miserables

Let me know.

Hand Me Downs for Josefina 2

I guess every mom has a secret stash of baby things she can give away:

Diaper Bag, Playtex Milk Storage Bags, waterproof bib and 4 pairs of newborn socks. I can now tick off items from my Newborn List of Things to Buy

Thanks Ms. Tin! =)