Thursday, May 30, 2013

Essentials for a Newborn List

Josefina is not my first baby, so I have an experience in sorting out what is essential and what is just oh-so-cute.

(I remember, when I learned that I got pregnant the first time, I was in the mall every week, buying mostly greens and yellows ~ neutral colors when I didn't know its gender yet. And I was buying a lot of cute useless things. And you can't stop a new mom with this shopping spree. It's her right.)

But now I am sticking to just essentials. I have categorized them into (i) Need, will ensure I have these before I give birth (ii) Nice to have but not necessary and (iii) If I receive this I will just probably just give it away.

This list is for the first category. I am estimating I will not be able to go out for long periods of time during the first month, meaning whatever is needed will be bought by someone else. Also, these are the considerations on Josefina's first month once we arrive home:

(And I am constantly editing this post as I am nearing my due date.)

1. I have my trusted yaya of three years to look over Cecilia before she goes to school in the morning. This is Cecilia's second year of school, by June she'll be in Nursery in Miriam College Child Study Center.

2. Unlike before, I am not expecting my Mom to be by my side 24/7 since she is taking care of Dad due to his stroke this April. So no Pasig-Vacation for me.

3. I live in a 2 bedroom house ~ one is occupied by yaya's bed and Cecilia's bed, the other is occupied  by a King Sized-Bed. So a crib will probably stay in the living room.

4. I will continue my breastfeeding mantra. And this time I will avoid the use of disposables ~ diapers, baby wipes and tissue whenever possible.

5. I do not have any baby things anymore. I gave them all away. Now I am the one asking around for baby things.

6. I will try not to buy anything that can be borrowed and that can be asked for. 

What does a newborn do in their first month?

1. Sleep
2. Eat
3. Poop and pee
4. Bath (sponge bath for the first month for my baby)
5. A little stimulation
6. Pedia visit (twice, as I remember) and non-overnight visits to relatives.


A Place for Baby to Sleep

I intend to co-sleep with Josefina. So what I actually need are:

3 Aquazorb Towels as her sapin for her side of the bed.

Thanks Charm for the Pledge! Will be waiting for my 1 Yellow Aquazorb. =)
1 Super Baby Pillow 
4 Super Baby Pillow Covers
3 King Size Bed Fitted Sheets
1 King Size Bed Mattress Protector

Water-proof, meaning, Wee-wee proofing the bed mattress. Especially when a King Sized Bed is not easy to dry under the sun given a small garage.


8 Pigeon 8 ounces bottles with 0-3 months nipple size. and 1 Bottle and Nipple Organizer 

Yes I am breastfeeding but I need these just in case. And I am getting the 8-ounces bottles this time, since babies will not be able to hold their bottles until the 8th or 9th month. And I am sticking to Pigeon since I have tried and tested its durability (I used to buy different baby bottles in different shapes and sizes, but I have learned now.)

Cecilia is still bottle feeding, using 4 pieces of Red 8-ounce Pigeon bottles with the rubber largest nipple size. So as not to confuse both, I am getting White Colored Bottles for Josefina with Clear 0-3 months nipples.

I got these 4-oz bottles as a gift, I just bought preemie-sized nipples. If Bebeta brand does not work for me I am definitely buying Pigeon. (As I mentioned, my goal is to spend as little as possible since the whole time I am pregnant I am a SAHM.)

I also will use Cecilia's Bottle Organizer ~ one of those green stuff I impulsively bought when I did not know her gender yet.

1 New Microwave 

What we have now is still working, but I want a new one to be used only for sterilizing the bottles and the breast pump.

1 Microwaveable Sterilizer

I am using Cecilia's microwaveable sterilizer for Josefina. Still okay after almost 5 years, to be used with 200ml water, 600degrees at 6 minutes:

1 old school whistle kettle

I can't find the kettle I used for Cecilia. I can't remember giving it away... 

Yaya found it somewhere and it's still working perfectly fine. It still whistles.

2 Bottle and Nipple Brush 

To differentiate, I'll buy white ones for Josefina, and still pink for Cecilia.

Antibac Dishwashing Liquid

I used to buy Pigeon's Bottle and Nipple Cleaner since it's supposed to be all natural and edible. And sosyal and expensive. But I learned how to make my own dishwashing liquid, and I can make the antibacterial variant.

1 manual breast pump

I am not leaving the house for work until next year 2014, so I can manually express my milk for the meantime and make others feed the baby. 

I got myself this inexpensive Manual Pump. I'm looking forward to direct feeding since I am staying at home [until forever]


24 Cloth Diapers with Inserts

I intend to use cloth diapers for Josefina since I have yaya to wash them for me. And it's environmentally friendly since I am not adding up to the pile of diapers in the landfill. And they are cute. And there's a whole Cloth Diapering Movement I want to be a part of.

I have already stripped wash 9 out of 24:

48 pcs. Newborn Disposable Diapers

It's starting to rain and I have to be realistic. My yaya of three years might leave me if I exclusively cloth diaper Josefina. (But I actually intend to, if possible)

1 Baby Bath Tub Basin 

What I got for Cecilia was the expensive-social-safety-first-cute-froggie-baby-bath-tub that she used only until 4 months old. It's in green since I did not know her gender when I bought it at 4 months pregnant.

I'm thinking of getting just the net that holds the baby, and bathe Josefina in the sink.

I bought this for 199php in one of my Girl Time Outs in Trinoma. And yes, I have decided to not buy the baby bath tub anymore. 

(But I loved Cecilia's Safety First Green Froggie Baby Basin because it has its own drain.)

2 Rubber Changing Mat

I need two of these, in rotation. So one can be cleaned and put out to dry outside. Breastfed babies' poop are almost liquid, and they sometimes spill on the rubber mat. And babies need diaper changes every 3 to 4 hours. 

Got these as gifts as well. I prefer these basic rubber mat than the other oh-so-cute, oh-so-expensive-that-comes-in-pretty-overpriced-diaper-bags but are actually useless rubber changing mats. 

I am the practical mom now. =) I'll save those thousands for Josefina's gasoline to-and-from her school when she's studying.

1 Bottle Lactacyd Blue

I got these from Mom, Hypoallergenic Soaps. (And I will really use them). Anyway, I remember the hospital Kit that they give for newborns in St. Lukes include a bottle of Lactacyd Blue. 

I bought this as well. I don't know why. 

If I remember correctly, the Newborn Hospital Kit in St Lukes includes one bigbottle of Lactacyd Blue so I am not buying one anymore. 


4 Big Bottles Alcohol

They come in Lemon, Green Tea, and Guava variants.

1,000 pieces of Cotton Balls

500 tips of Cotton Buds
1 Tube Drapolene

I have tried Desitin, but I like Drapolene more because of its lotion-like feel on baby's butt. And it does not smell like Desitin. Need this just in case.

Available in my nearby walking distance grocery SM Savemore GSIS Village.

1 Lock and Lock 

This is for storing the cotton balls with water for cleaning baby

1 Diaper Pail with Cover

This goes inside the bathroom, where used cloth diapers are to be stored before the laundry time.


12 Tie-Sides

I have started to ask around for hand me downs and I wish I will be able to complete all 12 pieces without buying anything. (I think I used to have more than 4 dozens of different brands and sizes and style during Cecilia's time. Very impractical.)

I have 3 out of 12 now:

These are from Baby Dylan, got it when i visited him last weekend. 

Thanks, Tina and Lars.  

I got these as gifts as well. These are the exact same brand I loved for Cecilia. I have 9 out of 12 now.

3 Pairs Baby Socks

Yes, I will stick to just three during Josefina's first month. No matter how cute they are.

Hand Me Down:

I said I'll stick to three pairs. But Baby is not out yet and I already have more than 3 pairs.

  Thanks so much Ms. Tin for the hand me downs

3 Pairs Baby Mittens

I remember putting mittens on Cecilia only for the first month. But after her first nail trim, I wanted her to get used to her fingers.

4 Swaddling Cloths

3 Pieces Bigkis

Visits from Lolas who look for the bigkis is inevitable. I must have 3 of these so that when they visit, Josefina is wearing one. I don't want to argue with tradition.

1 Piece Bonnet

I don't think this is necessary since newborns are always swaddled. I just need to have one just in case the Lolas and the Older Titas look for one. This will probably stay inside the baby diaper bag. Again, I don't want to argue with tradition.

12 Pieces Old School Lampin 

These are to be used as burp cloth, and all around wipe everything. 

I found 7 in my closet! =)

24 Pieces Small Cotton Cloths

I am thinking of using these for all around wiping, instead of baby wipes and tissue. I don't exactly know what they are called, but I know one when I see one in the department store.

4 Peg Clothes Dryer

I am cloth diapering now, and I intend to lessen the use of tissue, baby wipes and disposable diapers. So I am expecting a heavier load of laundry everyday. (Thanks yaya!)

12 Pieces Adult Sized Hangers

Baby Hangers look cute in the baby cabinet, but it is easily outgrown. I don't have the luxury of space anymore so I am getting the adult sized hangers this time.

I found these lying around Mom's house. So I took them.

4 Bars Perla for Hand Washing

One Month Supply of Laundry Powder

Yaya prefers the Laundry Powder in Sachets since she said it's more easy to control per washload.



My mother in law will probably look for the stroller she gave Cecilia (which I gave away when she has outgrown it)

Diaper Bag

I am probably not buying myself a diaper bag this time since I realized any bag will do. A back pack is probably bettter. And besides, I'll have two kids with me when going out.

Extra Diaper Bag for the Car

One is for going out, another stays in the car so I don't have to carry a very big bag of everything.

This is a hand me down Diaper Bag that I intend to use from Ms. Tin. I'll make this the Car Diaper Bag. 

And now, looking back, I don't know why I had more than 8 Diaper Bags of different brands, colors and styles that I ended up giving away as well. 

Nursing Bib

I see a lot of new designs and style of nursing bibs. I am not sure if I am buying myself one since a shawl will probably do. (I used to love the Next9 nursing bib that I had with Cecilia.)



No, I am not buying one of those baby cabinets anymore. It is easily outgrown, takes up a lot of precious space. If somebody pledges to buy me a baby cabinet, I will ask him to buy me the adult-sized one.  

But for the meantime I need storage for Josefina's things. I am eyeing a cabinet here at home that used to stack old component systems - when speakers and equalizers had their own big boxes. It will stay in the living room with the Crib from Leo since Cecilia and Yaya's room are not to be disturbed during the night.


A digital thermometer will do.  But I hope someone has a spare ear thermometer for me.

Did I forget anything?


  1. Oh wow, what a detailed list! Will surely keep this, in case I get preggers again. Thanks!

  2. wow! baby essentials' list still is such a long list. I can't think of anything to add for now on your list except for the crib bumper which you might need later.

  3. very impressive! so detailed. My daughter is now 3 years old and I remember having almost everything on your list :) great blog for mom's to be :)

  4. Wow, impressive list! I suggest that instead of using an antibac for cleaninf the bottles, etc., why not try using Messy Bessy's Dishwashing Liquid, Human❤Nature's Tough Love, or Tiny Buds Bottle Cleansing Liquid. They're all organic and very safe. I don't know with Pigeon bottles but antibac dishwashing liquid are not advisable for Avent bottles because it makes the bottles crisp. How about a sleepsack?

  5. Anonymous6:07 PM

    wow! very detailed. I will go back here when I need the list myself (again). Thanks for sharing and good job mommy! ;-)

  6. I understand why some parents get a little bit carried away when buying stuff for their babies, after all they only want the best for them. But it's nice to know that you went to get only the essential needs for your baby. The only thing that matters is getting what your baby really needs, and that's that. :P

  7. mommy! natuwa naman ako sa list mo. i thought detailed na yung list na ginawa ko for Y before, hindi pala! :D I'll bookmark na this post of yours. I'll get back to this when baby #2 comes. :D

  8. Great list. You can add baby pillow in your list. Pillows help to give shape to your baby's head & also give protection to baby's head.