Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Caprichosa Giveaway

My online shop will be on Maternity Leave as well but I ran a Giveaway through Rafflecopter.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hand Me Downs for Josefina 3

Thanks Dannah! =)

3 pieces short sleeve tie sides
3 pieces long sleeve tie sides
3 pairs mittens

Monday, July 08, 2013

What to Pack Before Giving Birth

I will be regularly updating this blog entry as I near my due date.

What to pack in a Hospital Bag before giving birth:

This is not my first time to give birth, and I believe I am smarter now:

~I want to lessen the cost of my bill: since in St Lukes they charge everything and I don't intend to spend on things I can prepare beforehand.
~I have an idea what to buy and what I should not buy since it will not be used anyway.

I. Important Papers and Documents

Make sure your husband knows where these are, as he is the one who will be fixing these. Save him the hassle of going through all the pretty pouches inside your hand bag.

Mine includes:

1. SSS Maternity 1 (accomplished) and SSS Maternity 2 Forms, which will be used in the Hospital
2. Philhealth Member Data Record and Forms
3. Identification IDs and other insurance documents

4. Admission Instructions from your OB Gyne. I'll be scheduled for Cesarian so I have my admission letter from the OB when I check in the hospital the night before my delivery.

5. Pregnancy Book This is not really needed since your OB knows your history, but it is important for your husband to know where this is, if in case your delivery is not scheduled (or if an emergency happens). You don't want to be in labor-emergency-i-am-in-pain-situation and everyone is asking you about your medical history.

I got 2 preggy books, the one on the left is from the Health Center visits and the one on the right is from my OB. 

II. For the Recovering Mommy

1. Rubber Slippers Yes, most hospitals provide towel slippers, but I prefer the rubber slippers for when I get wet In fact for me, no walking will happen until the 4th or 5th day after delivery.
2. Bath Towel I won't be taking a bath but this is needed for my sponge baths.
3. 4 Comfortable Panties I'm bringing only 4 since I prefer being underwear-less in the first 3 days when blood is oozing out. They have bed covers anyway. But this is just me. 4 panties for the days when I can move around and aready wear the maternity pads.
4. Blanket. I was thinking of bringing a jacket for myself but I realized I will be on dextrose and wearing one will be such a hassle.

5. Binders The hospital gives you one especially if you deliver Cesarian, but I prefer the really tight ones that constricts my movement.. A bikini cut is really painful that you can't even laugh or sneeze or cough.

6. Bed Pan They give this in the hospital too, but I want to save on charges ~this costs 300php in my hospital bill last December 2008 ~ for things I already have. (I asked for one, from my Mom-In-Law who got hospitalized this June.) This is going to be your husband's best friend after your catheter has been removed.

7. Underpads They provide these in the hospital, too. But Mom has a few pieces left from Dad;s confinement early this year, and it does not hurt to save a few hundreds for our hospital bill.  (If you are bringing these, make sure you inform the nurse on duty ahead of time that you brought one)

III. For the New Baby

1. Manual Breastpump (Washed and sterilized) If in case baby has a hard time latching, or I physically cannot go to her, then I have stimulation for my boobies, which is very important in the first few days if you decide to breastfeed

2. 8 pcs. Tie Sides Not quite sure if 8 will suffice, since this is the first time I am rooming in my baby. Cecilia stayed in the nursery the whole time and the only clothes I brought for her were her going home clothes.

3. Disposable Diapers. A 30piece newborn sized pack will do.

4. Cloth Diapers. Stripwashed. I am bringing only 4 pieces for show and for photo-ops. I don't want the husband to be bringing home soiled nappies. (I'll ask yaya to bring soiled but pre-washed nappies when they visit. That is, if in case these one-size-fits-most nappies actually fit my newborn)

5. Hooded Blankets for Swaddling. I strongly believe in the power of swaddling newborns.

6. 3 pairs baby mittens
7. 3 pairs baby socks Babies are always clean, unless it catches poop in her diaper change. No need for more than 3 pairs.
8. Drapolene Cream, just in case. 

9. Rubber Mat for changing

10. A Lock-and-Lock and Cotton Balls (Essential) You'll learn that babies only need cotton and water for cleaning their bum. Not those commercialized all pure-all expensive baby washes that you have to buy from some online seller since they are not readily available in local stores. 

11. 3 4-oz baby bottles, with preemie sized nipples, washed and sterilized. My OB instructed me to NOT bring baby bottles since they will not be introducing formula to babies in St Lukes because of their breastfeeding policy. But I'm still bringing these just in case.

IV. For the Husband

1. A Set of Pillows and Blanket Hubby will be occupying the bed/sofa for visitors. Make his stay comfortable by bringing him pillows.

I am bringing hm 2 throw pillows and a thin blanket. (He does not really use one)

2. His computer and my Camera and Data Cable for my Camera

I don't have gadgets, just a simple point and shoot camera. But once I recover I want to be able to take pictures. St Lukes has free wifi anywhere. 

**I'm sure the husband anticipates long waits and he'll bring stuff to amuse himself.

3. Joy Dishwashing Liquid and sponge

4. A 6 piece set of Melaware which has cups, bowls, spoons and forks for Visitor's Use. Expect visitors. Expect food from them. But I want to avoid disposables and trash as much as possible, and save on money in buying disposable cups and utensils.

Instead of getting bowls AND plates,just get ones like mine ~ ideal for soups, cakes, and even rice meals. Make sure the quality of plastic for the cups hold hot water just fine ~ for serving coffee and hot beverages.

5. Travel Knife. Since visitors will always be bringing fruits. (And you cannot eat them since you are on liquid diet.) 

V. Mommy's Personal Things

You need not make habilin these to hubby as, once you recover, you can just ask him to get your handbag for you. (Men don't like too much nagging anyway.)

1. Charger for Celphone

**you might feel like you need entertainment like reading materials or magazines for yourself. Well, I personally don't have any gadget except for my talk-and-text-bar-phone whose main purpose is to communicate with my husband and yaya. And I am not bringing any reading material as I know I will be groggy the whole hospital stay.

2. Kikay Kit
3. Presentable breastfeeding friendly dresses I will be receiving visitors, and they may come at a time when I am struggling to feed the baby through my breast. Better be prepared with breastfeeding friendly dresses as the hospital gown is tied at the back, wherein breastfeeding is impossible unless they see your boobies,  if I remember correctly. (And I will be on the bed, underwearless, wearing a binder with blankets on top of me anyway.)

I don't want to make my breastfeeding-virgin friends and relatives to become uncomfortable.

One kind of a presentable breastfeeding dress for me looks like this:

1. tube at the top so I can easily get my boobies without showing the other one
2. Long enough to cover my underwearless down there f in case I need to go to the bathroom
3. Stretchy or loose enough since I will still look 5 months pregnant

**I am not getting myself those Nursing bras that have holes in them ~ they just don't work for me. I prefer tubes-like bras instead. 

Sunday, July 07, 2013

How to Fix Baby Mittens

A newborn will always be wearing a pair of mittens.

But this always happens, and when I was a new mom at 23 years old, I thought this pair will become useless.

I just want to share:

Use a small safety pin to put the string back into place:

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Huggies PH Giveaway

Just a few clicks and I got this from the mail this week:

You just have to like Huggies PH Facebook Page on this link:

I shared it with my mom friends as well =)

Friday, July 05, 2013

Charles and Keith

I took this picture more than a year ago, when I told myself I am buying a new bag.

I still have not bought this. But I have sold my other two Charles and Keith bags, which entitles me to buy a new one.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Production Street

What I love about Production Street is that Vegetable Vendors sell right in front of our house yelling "Gulay...Gulay"

And you can have your talong and calabasa without impulsively buying Lurpak, and Cream Cheese, and Iced Tea, and Power Pops, and Canned Mandarin Oranges, and the list goes on...

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

My Daughter's Smile

Dear Cecilia,

I always take pictures of you because you grow up so fast.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Cecilia's Things

It pains me to let go of Cecilia's things, especially those that will really make me remember her childhood.

But I want to maintain my less is more mantra: If I am not using it/will not be using it/have not used it then it's time to let go.

Oh Cecilia, I'll miss seeing you in your Strawberry Shortcake PJs.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Our Clock at Home

A few months ago my Avon Freebie Clock of five years died on me.

So I asked around who has a spare wall clock.

I am someone who will use freebie wall clocks.