Thursday, May 09, 2013

Barangay Sangandaan, Quezon City Health Center

Thanks to Marjorie I learned that the Health Center gives immunizations to babies for free. So I asked around - Chelle, a neigbor who had all her pre-natal check-up and vaccinations for her first child. I also read forums - Angeli, who is a government nurse in one of the Manila Health Centers.  I realized that I have to sign up and have my pre-natal check up with the Barangay Sangandaan Quezon City Health Center first so I'll have my own record as a buntis in the barangay.

I have all the time in the world to wait and line up. Good thing I decided to go the Barangay Sangandaan Quezon City Health Center first thing in the morning, I did not wait more than 15 minutes to have my name listed.

The first woman I spoke to asked for a donation of 20 pesos, then gave me a long brown envelop. She said this will be used up until my baby is born and ready to be vaccinated.

I was third in line, and just like a normal first time pre-natal check up, the nurse asked me about my history, background, got my weight as well. Then I waited for my turn.

While waiting, they gave us reading materials on family planning, newborn care, breastfeeding, hygiene and birth planning.

 I had a good chat with Ms. Anna the midwife. I was honest and told her I am sure to give birth in a hospital under the care of my Ob-Gyne, but I just wanted to have a record in our Barangay Sangandaan, Quezon City Health Center.

She informed me of how I can save up on my hospital bills since I plan to give birth again in St. Luke's Quezon City. She told me that they are offering Maternity Packages that I can ask my Ob-Gyne about, and informed my about the current rooming-in policy of hospitals now.

(I read about Maternity Packages today and this link is very helpful)

We also talked about Barangay Health Workers and how now they are not allowed by the Department of Health to let mothers give birth at home. I also used to work for the government and we sort of share the same sentiment with the system when you have the heart to serve. Oh government.

She wanted to give me my first shot to Tetanus Toxoid, but I decided not to because I cannot remember my Ob-Gyne giving me one on my first pregnancy. This I will have to consult first then I'll go back to Ms. Anna.

I also had a dental check up, but the dentist was in a hurry and told me to leave my records with them because she's going to have breakfast and that I can go back the following day to have the temporary filling of my unfinished (sigh) root canal procedure fixed. Oh government.

Anyway I have an appointment with my dentist this May so I'm not sure I'm going back to the Barangay Sangandaan Quezon City Health Center Dentist anymore.

I walked home happy knowing that (at least here in Barangay Sangandaan, Quezon City where I live), pregnant women have access to maternal health care.

I did not avail of all the free vitamins they are giving since my Ob-Gyne recommends a different brand. But I got the Anmum discount coupons, iron supplements and mommy-baby record book. 

My next pre-natal check up with them is on June 5th.

(Thanks for the From-Malaysia-With-Love-Dress, Ate Yvette. The photo below shows Cecilia's drawing of me in this Dress.)

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