Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Parents' Orientation Miriam Child Study Center Nursery

This is my second Parents' Orientation in Miriam College Child Study Center. Cecilia will be in Nursery this June. (Last year she was in First Step.)

Nursery in Miriam College Child Study Center has a bigger class size. And as in normal schools, Cecilia's First Step Class was shuffled:

She will be in Nursery-6, an afternoon class composed of 15 girls and 7 boys. (So as early as now I want to prepare birthday gifts for these children.) She has several classmates from First Step: Jaymee and Sophie. And I see familiar kids from First Step as well: Lara and Aryn.

I made it a point to schedule trips now to save on gas and my energy so I bought a car sticker as early as now:

Miriam College's car sticker policy starts in August, and they will be increasing prices (from 600php to 1,000php for a Student Car) starting August 31st. 

I just don't want to fall in line again, like last year. 

(I took a picture before Manong Guard removed it.)

This is the new sticker for this school year. 

And this is mommy and Cecilia and baby Josefina inside mommy. 

Also, even if this is Cecilia's second school year in Miriam, she is still too small for the smallest default-ready-made size of their uniform. So as early as April we already went to the Sewing Center for her measurements. We got the uniform sets after one month. (Last year Cecilia went to school in her first few days in her casual clothes because I was late in having her measurements.)

(600php per set of uniform + 50php per pair of socks) X pink, blue, orange, green, yellow

And there will always be that overpriced Ice Cream patiently waiting for Little Kids:

How can you say NO to this adorable little girl?

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