Saturday, August 31, 2013

Food Diary Day 1

August 31 2013


Pan De Sal (lost count how many I ate)

 2 Sunny Side Up Eggs

A Cup of Anmum Lacta

Monday, August 26, 2013

200php Daily Meal Budget 1

Let me try this week if this is possible:

I will spend just 200php for a whole day's meal.

These are the considerations:
1.  I just gave birth a few weeks ago, purely breastfeeding my 2nd daughter so I need lots of fruits and vegetables and I get hungry a lot.
2.  I live with my husband, our 4 year old picky eater Cecilia, and our yaya. (Josefina our second daughter is less than a month old)
3.  We live in a neighborhood where an SM Savemore and a small market is just a few blocks away, walking distance.

August 26, 2013 Monday

The husband went to the Million People March rally for the Anti-Pork Barrel thing so it's just Yaya, Cecilia and I (and Joseffina) here at home until dinnertime.

I will be asking Yaya to buy Patola with Misua ingredients. And Fish for Cecilia. And Fresh Buko.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Diaper Changing Station

For one whole month I will not be doing anything else but breastfeed Josefina, change her diapers, sleep eat rest while producing more milk.

This is Josefina's Diaper simple diaper changing area.

 It is right beside our bed since she co-sleeps with us. 

1.  A Small tray which holds my celphone, my camera and my glasses.
2.  Spray Alcohol
3.  Flashlight
4.  Tissue
5.  Digital Thermometer
6.  Water container for me since I get thirsty even at night while breastfeeding
7.  Cotton balls soaked in water in a small bowl + a bigger bowl to hold dirty cotton balls used to clean her pwet and pepe.
8.  Rubber Mat
1.  Gauze Flat Diapers for all around wiping (since I seldom use tissue paper for wiping.)
2.  Cotton Balls
3.  Disposable Diapers (which we seldom use)
1.  Pretty Cloth Diapers (Babyland, Happy Flute, Bamboo Dappy, and Cartoon Brands) all are pockets and most prints are in the laundry.
2.  Microfiber Inserts
3.  Bamboo Inserts
4.  Bamboo Charcoal Inserts
Diaper Pail that yaya gets everytime she is vacant with Cecilia.