Friday, January 04, 2013


 These are what I have used on my body since this morning:
Shisheido Super Mild Shampoo and Conditioner. 
Mike bought me these from his trip to Japan this December, and the label "Super Mild" made me use this over the Clear Shampoo and Conditioner I was using prior to knowing I was pregnant with Baby Number 2.

L-R Body Shop Shea Shower Cream, Body Shop Shea Body Scrub, Lactacyd Woman Feminine Wash, Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Wash, and Colgate Total Dental Floss

The scent of Body Shop Shea line always reminded me of my pregnancy with Cecilia. Maybe in our subconscious we knew we were pregnant! The set was Mike's 2012 Christmas gift. The body butter that came with it lasted me less than a week. I (will) scrub once a week. 

I did not want to purchase any more Feminine Wash because of my Use It, Give It, Sell It, Throw It Mantra plus I am starting to fix things around the house so I really have to spend less on personal things. This Lactacyd Woman was an impluse buy in one of our grocery trips this 2012, primarily because of the pretty looking eco bag that came with it. 

But I still prefer Lactacyd Pink. 

In addition, I wanted to complete the Vitamin E Facial Care of The Body Shop, but I can't seem to regularly use its facial wash-toner-night/day cream. After three to four consecutive days, I feel a slight burning sensation around the temples of my cheeks. So I stopped, and used just their facial wash in the morning. 

EO Flex Wear  All-in-1 Solution + EO Clear Contact Lenses. 
I just ensure I put them on before I put on lotion because alcohol, toner, lotion, o any cream on my fingers irritates my eyes. These are the cheapest Clear Contact Lens I have encountered, so far. 

 Kanebo True Care Lotion 

This is from Mike's Japan's trip. Nothing special. It seems unscented; it's not too sticky or too light. I can't say anything about its ingredients since everything written on it is Japanese. I just can't live without lotion after bathing.

 Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow 

My lips, even though they are still dark, feel healthier in the absence of smoking and lipsticks, probably because of this. This is the best lip gloss I have used. I guess this will remain in my kikay kit forever.

 Ponds White Beauty Pinkish White Glow Lightening Cream

Even if it has changed names, packaging, (and maybe the formulation), I have been using this on and off since 7th Grade. I just love its matte finish, its smell, and its very cheap at 20php for the 10g sachet. It has a resealable cap too, so it does not mess up your kikay kit.


This is going to be another regular in my kikay kit since I had bruises from two weeks ago. I have to apply 3-4 times application daily, and pray. Pray for the future skin of my legs.