Tuesday, September 01, 2009

On Childproofing

I wanted Cecilia to adjust to her environment, rather than put her inside a bubble of sanitized toys, purest and gentlest bath things, and airconditioning. As much as possible, I want her to belong to our world rather than creating a world for her.

At exactly one month old, I removed her mittens. I saw that she needed to feel with her hands the different textures of mommy's clothes, daddy's bigote, and her own skin.

Starting two months, I do not warm her bath water anymore. Now she takes a bath directly from the faucets of our home.

At three months, Cecilia was drinking thawed, but really cold stored breastmilk directly from the refrigerator. I was a working breastfeeding mother. (I never warmed water for her milk until now.) And I had her ears pierced.

When she was four months, we brought her to Mindanao, making her ride the airplane, and swim in the beach. (Well, it was PAL and Dakak. )

She was on her walker at 5 months because she can already sit without support at that time. (Even without the Pediatrician's go signal.)

I never really babied my baby. Maybe that's why she's so mobile now at almost 9 months.

She's so mobile that she can climb from her playpen like there's no such thing as "falling"; she can run as fast as she can on her walker like there's no such thing as "bumping"; and she can crawl like there's no such thing as "end of the bed".

And I thought I wouldn't need childproofing, because I want her to adjust to the things around her. She's somewhat trained not to pull out the plugs (or so I thought). But I was so wrong when she injured herself in our electric fan. -- oh yes those oh-so-appealing-elisi-to-our-babies' eyes. To think I was the one with her at that time.

Imagine: soft little fingers vs. electric fan blades = bloody baby fingers


Fan Covers from Daiso (Japan) 88 store in Waltermart, QC.
Sometimes I wish I was more motherly on thinking ahead and childproofing.

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