Monday, April 22, 2013

Green Baby Care

It is Earth Day, and five years ago today, I took a pregnancy test and learned that I am with Cecilia.

Even if it is seemingly impossible to go green and eco-friendly in raising a baby because of all the conveniences the mall offers, a little planning and teamwork with your caregiver and husband goes a long way:

1. Breastfeed
This was taken when Cecilia was 3 months old in Dakak, Dapitan, Zamboanga Del Norte.

2. Use cloth diapers

I like Bamboo Dappy because it made with bamboo cotton fibers, which is eco-friendly since Bamboo is organic and biodegradable. It has button snaps so this can be used from newborn until your potty training days.

Cloth diapering is difficult at first since laundry schedule has to be carefully planned (instead of simply putting the used diaper in the trash and contribute to our world's landfills). But having even just one cloth diaper, using it when it is dry and laundered, will surely reduce any baby's disposable diaper consumption.

3. Use public transport

This picture was taken on Cecilia's last day of School in First Step Class last March 2013, Miriam College Child Study Center. 

Oh I am just guilty of not using public transport. Our family maintains one car, and we bring Cecilia to and from school using City. This system works for us since the husband works in the nearby school.

4. Think 5 times before buying

Today I took this picture of clothes that don't fit me anymore.

At the start of my pregnancy I always thought of buying new set of underwear, maternity office clothes and preggy dresses.

Good thing until today I have not bought any maternity clothing yet.

I midway in my pregnancy and I have not bought things for the new baby yet - unlike when I was pregnant with Cecilia. I used to visit baby shops every chance I had and get pretty useless things.

I am now sticking to my list of essentials, and I have started asking for used baby gear from friends and family.

5. Use less plastic

Plastic is not fantastic. We read about it everywhere. In fact I have maintained my house to be plastic free (no plastic bags at home)

But how can you not buy the latest Baby Alive Doll, or the new stroller that perfectly carries her baby collection. Or how can you say no to giving her a new set of platuplatuhan?

How much toys does a child need?

I don't really know and I am guilty of mindless buying for her in her early years. But here are a few things I am doing so far:

- Whenever we go out, we tell Cecilia in advance what the trip is for - to buy groceries so she can pick snacks that she wants and not toys. Or we tell her in advance that she can only pick one toy that she wants.
- We remind her of big purchases that she wants, (for example, her bike - and that buying the 50peso plastic toy would mean one more week of waiting for us to get her the new pink barbie bike with basket)

- Keeping her toys out of sight, and rotating the boxes for her use. They may have favorite toys, but old ones, if the child has not seen the set of toy for a while, will gladly play with them again. I keeo these toys in a separate room while she maintains her toy rack in her bedroom.

- I have maintained giving only Cash, or food, or things that I already have as gifts to children. I don't want to add clutter to their homes anyway.

6. Use natural products

A lot of products are claiming they are environmentally friendly, organic, and baby friendly, such as Human Heart Nature. I am a user and reseller of this as well.

7. Co-sleep with your baby

This picture was taken when Cecilia was 5 months old.

Co-sleeping saves electricity.

Just make sure you can still have quality time with your husband by getting a bigger bed (I recommend a King Sized Bed) or putting the baby's crib with you in the room.