Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hand Me Downs for Josefina

Today I drove to Pasig.

Brought Mixed CDs from my High School and College Days:

I intend to dispose of these as well after I listen to them. (Narda's EP with 4 tracks ~ the ones you get in 100php gigs with one free beer; Break Out Compilation ~ as I remember, this is from Diane which has the Sway track; "Songs Kung Anu-Ano From Myles" ~ Yna's husband now; and South Border oldies from I really can't remember where.

I spent lunch this weekend in Tina's house. She gave birth to Dylan last February. That's Tina and Rhea.

And I have hand me downs from Dylan for Josefina ~ 3 long sleeved tie-sides. Thanks!!

And I have Belly Buds!! Why didn't I know about this in my last pregnancy?

10 June 2013:

An update on Dylan:

This weekend we visited him in The Medical City. Good thing he is getting well and it was nothing more serious than fever from virus.

Did not get the chance to talk to Lars and Tina, but I left her magazines to read, and super useful Alcohol for Dylan (this is going to be a standard gift from me to Cecilia's Baby Friends)

It was their wedding anniversary, too.

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