Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Project 10 Pan Part 4

1.  Maybelline Baby Lips Pink

2.  Evoluderm Creme Corps Onctuese Chocolat Body Cream Chocolate

3. Human Heart Nature Hydrating Creamy Wash Moringa Extract

4. Clear Complete Soft Care Conditioner

5. Liquid Neutrogena Facial Wash

6. Kanebo Lotion

(a From-Japan-with-Love lotion from Mike) He does not know how to buy toiletries, but this lotion is okay.

7. Avon Skin So Soft Radiant Glow Hand and Body Lotion

8. Avon Naturals Juicy Moisture Raspberry and Hibiscus Shower Gel

9. Maybelline Blush

 This has been sitting on my make up pouch for years. I got this from Mai's Kikay Kit waaaay back in Convergys Robinsons before we parted ways in February 2010.

10. A Decade Old Music CD from a High School Friend Myles and a Pen that I keep in the Car that is not working anymore. (I just want to take their picture before I throw them away.)

11.  Victoria's Secret Delicate Petals

This has been sitting inside my bag for 6 months now. I always forget to spray.

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