Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Quezon City Barangay Health Center

Again, I am thankful to Marjorie for letting me know the benefits of the Health Center.

This is how the Barangay Sangandaan Quezon City Health Center looks like from outside, with mothers waiting patiently for their turn. I am one of them today, but this time I know better:

1. I brought entertainment: fully charged phone and a book.
2. I brought snacks and drinks.
3. I brought alcohol and tissue (for when I pee)

I also have my clear plastic envelop of pre-natal records from my Ob-Gyne and the Mommy and Baby Book that they gave me from my first Barangay Health Center Visit.

(I just find this sign amusing.)

Still, it's like a normal pre-natal visit.. they check your weight gain, blood pressure and ask routine pre-natal questions. 

I just had a small chat with Ms. Anna, the midwife. I thanked her for the freebies she gave me the last time, and thanked her for her advices as well.

I also gave her a pouch and a belt from my gift box.

She told me that since I already had two visits with them, I can have my baby vaccinated there.

I will have to consult these with Cecilia's pedia. I'll tell her these are for free.

And this is my preggy-oh-so-mommy look for today:

(I really would like to have our walls painted egg-shell-white one of these days.)

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