Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Do I really want to maintain a blog? Parang hindi na. Someone is a witness to my life already. I love him.. But then again, I don't want him to be my everything. I'm afraid of getting heart booboos.

Sige na nga.. This is therapeutic so I will.

Fickleminded is who I am.
And selfish.
My first dorm is somewhere in Katipunan. Yes, after "graduation" I now can and may not sleep at home. My roomate is Mika, and I find her nice -- that is, I find everyone nice except for Nitz. hahahah.

I'll be meeting Kuya tonight so I'm leaving the office early. Hello toys!! I miss him so much. And his righteousness.

Two weeks ago I started going to class. And My Italian teacher looks like Santa Claus!!! Brilliant teacher. After the one week or should I say 21 hour class in a week intensive classes under his guidance, the class decided to dvd-hunt for him. Fun fun fun day! Fun fun fun week!

Last week the storm Reming was in the Philippines -- and this is all I can say about it. I should be more socially aware. I should be socially, politically, and other churvanessesly aware of the things happening around me.


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