Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Here is a wishlist for Christmas 2007:

1. new camera -- Instead of buying, I bought sa presyong kapatid my brother's camera.
2. colgate 360 and yummy toothpaste -- Realized I have enough toothpaste to last me a lifetime. Cynthia and Faith gave me toothbrush and Milca gave me toothpaste.
3. am radio i can listen to anthony -- Mom gave me the normal AM radio for Christmas but I broke it. Hope she doesn't remember.
4. one month rent -- Slightly useless now.
5. lipstick -- Milca gave me Face Shop. Mike gave me Revlon.
6. album balasubas and balahura -- Elmer gave me this when we were at Mall of Asia, coming from Pagadian City, on our way to the Office Christmas Party.
7. myra e -- From the dipolog travel, I bought Myra E for "Meals". Hehe Pao.
8. vitamin c -- Again from the Dipolog Travel this Feb, bought vitamins for "Meals".
9. biolink vco shampoo and conditioner -- Mike gave me lots. That was when he went to Ever Mall with my Sister for her last minute christmas grocery on the eve of christmas.
10. couterize me -- Finally did it last saturday, 16 Feb.
11. dentist me -- The wisdom tooth is still here.
2. cheek blush -- Bought one in MOA with Elmer.
13. shave/wax service -- One for January. Will have another one this month.

All randomness:

1. I gave Melchor a book for his Birthday, which I myself enjoyed reading. It was actually reading it that made me give it to Melchor because I'm sure he'll like it.
2. I had 150 warts cauterized, excluding the big one on my nose.
3. I have seen Edward Scissorhands and Rent the Rock Musical yesterday

What I did yesterday:

Drink 2 cups of lemon tea.
Eat lunch with Ish.
Watch Edward Scissorhands and Rent (the rock musical)
Go to my 8-5 job.
Wait for Mike for an hour and a half in Philcoa.
Pizza dinner with the Pante family.
Long chat with Rodel about boys and girls in the Office.
Hurt my finger in the Office bathroom.
Report to my boss and chitchat about Cynthia's trip to Tarlac with the PPDC.
Curl curl with Mike on his bed.
Text lots of people.
Good conversation with Daddy.
Petty fight with my Sister.

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