Monday, February 25, 2008

Paulinian Survey from Ady.

[x] You know the Paulinian Hymn -- Hark daughters of the great st. paul!! come listen to his call..
[x] You know the Paulinian Mission Song -- my goal as a paulinian is this.. to proclaim jesus christ as a good news to all...
[x] You know the tune of Hymn to Saint Paul but do not know the lyrics -- hindi ko maalala ngayon.. except for "sweet are the days of girl hood..." tama ba, or paulinian hym ito?
[x] You have/had a crush on a girl -- shempre, not a paulinian without this
[x] Experienced inspection and panicked like hell  -- parating C and deportment ko dahil dito

[X] Whenever you get the PauliWorld, you only look at the pictures and the entertainment page.--Nabasa ko na kasi e.
[X] Mostly, if there is no entertainment page with the games and all, you do not open the rest of the PauliWorld.
[x] You have used the computer in your classroom without permission -- at TV na nilalagyan ng safety pin para antenna
[x] You have secretly tried to look for MTV in your classroom's television -- na parating uhf channels ang meron
[x] You`re always sitting on the teacher`s table or their seats

[x] You dislike sisters who always talk very long -- bonding time
[x] You are academically prepared
[x] You are morally upright
[x] You are socially responsible (let's just say yes)
[x] You always play with your necktie or bowtie

[x] You have seen lesbo action. Inshort, girl to girl PDA`s --lalo na sa IV-1 hahahh (batch '02)
[ ] You do not attend GIFT. Only if you need something important or they`re looking for you already -- huh? ano ito?
[x] You write things on your table -- tapos makikipagpalit ng chair sa malinis na chair kapag end of the year
[x] Locker is the best way to keep your phones
[ ] You have/had a girlfriend. A girlfriend. Girl to girl, I mean.

[X] On the first day, you ask the teachers if they have a love life or something
[ ] You really started your education in Saint Paul
[x] You know the Principal
[X] You know Sister Virgina
[ ] You like to go on outreaches

[X] You mostly text during class hours (GUILTY)
[x] You scream happily when there`s a film viewing
[x] You hate masses (i just sleep)
[x] When Sister Principal arrives, everyone panics and goes to their own seats
[X] You think Sister Principal is a god. Almighty and powerful.

[ ] You are, frankly, very noisy
[x] Most of the times speak in Tagalog but can speak in English properly -- haha oo naman. damn them mayabang na inglisera schools 
[ ] Hate public speaking-- sino na nga ba yung teacher natin dito???
[x] Have morning rites outside their classroom atl east once a week
[ ] Afraid to go to the faculty

[x] Goes to the washroom often
[X] Have heared that SPCP was once a graveyard
[ ] Been scared of Marian Camp-in because of the "ghosts"
[ ] You actually believed these stories
[ ] And still believing

[x] You like hanging out with friends and going out regularly
[ ] Loves Tita Abel -- sino ito?
[x] Sits almost everywhere. Tent, Ramp, Floor, Parking .. Really, everywhere
[X] Always say hi to pre-schoolers and make fun of them
[X] Knows your whole batch, or most of them and they know you too

[x] Have brought chocolates or candy for everyone when it was your birthday -- shempre grade school days
[x] Have had a hilarious fire drill
[x] Fallen or tripped over the stairs
[x] Have gotten to school but still you`re classroom`s locked
[x] You have seen the scandalous doors of our school toilets (THIS IS FOR THE WIN!)

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