Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Dozen Dresses

I love wearing dresses since I was a child. It started as a Sunday Dress thing that eventually became my wardrobe.
Back in high school when everyone was wearing Elephant pants and Spaghetti Straps, I still wore my dresses. And even in College when everyone was wearing... I can't remember what everyone else was wearing. I just love my dresses.
What's nice about dresses is that it does not take long for you to decide which top matches which bottom.
What's not nice about dresses is that I don't want to be photographed in the same dress a lot of times. That's why I sell them after a few months, or if I have noticed that I have seen myself several times wearing the same dress.
I have been re-selling new dresses (so that I can get the retailer discount) and my pre-loved dresses online in my Facebook Page and offline (in tiangges and in garage sales) since I was in College and the only remembrance of the dresses that I have are the memories and the pictures whenever I browse through the 8 year old desktop computer with 32G worth of storage that I have.

Another thing that's nice about dresses is that it does not take too much laundry space (and laundry water and laundry soap).
I used to wear even the short dresses to the call center office that I used to go to, and even in the government office that I used to work for.

Whenever I like a piece from buying wholesale, I sometimes get three so I can share the pretty-ness to other girls.
Dresses can look casual, or formal, or summery, depending on the shoes that you wear them with. I don't have a lot of shoes now, since I seldom buy  since 2010. And I have been using and disposing of shoes so they don't accumulate at take up space here at home.