Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Anmum Philippines Folate Test

Ads that come out in my facebook news feed are usually about Parenting, Art and Design, Sales, and Facebook Games. But the Anmum Philippines Folate Test caught my attention, because I am pregnant (again) and it still feels like the first time.

This is the link to their page where, in one minute, you can check if you are getting the right amount of folate necessary for pregnancy. I scored low, which alarmed me because I try my best to eat nutritious food in the right amount of serving.

Thanks to the Anmum Philippines Folate Test I realized I should really be mindful of my food intake (despite craving for sweets and salty junk food). After a few days signing up and getting my Folate Test result, I got a call from Anmum Philippines verifying my contact details and they informed me that I will be receiving a free sample of Anmum.

I have been pregnant since the start of 2013 and I have been drinking different brands of preggy milk. I have Anmum Vanilla in my pantry and good thing they sent me Anmum Chocolate for variety.

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  1. How was your pregnancy? I have been hearing positive reviews about even before I got married. So, when I conceived our first baby, I bought Anmum. All flavors are great even if served cold or hot.