Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Project 10 Pan Part 2

I have written about Project 10 Pan back in September 2009 in this entry and since then I try my best not to buy any skincare product unless I have emptied something.

Concept is simple: You don't buy anything until you have used up 10 things in your stash. And as I've mentioned before, I don't wear make-up so this goes for anything I apply on my skin:

1. The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Stick.

This costs 795php but I got this as a gift. When asked what I want for the baby when I learned I was pregnant early this year, I said get me The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Stick. It is packaged like your normal deodorant, and I love how the stick melts in your skin. I used it religiously, twice or thrice a day, and it lasted me a week and a half.

 2. Post Cautery Cream from D'Spa Skin Center.

In December of 2012, the Metrodeal voucher I bought for an Unlimited Face Wart removal for 250php was already valid, I scheduled the procedure which did not last more than 10 minutes.  I had to buy the D'Spa Skin Center Post Cautery Removal Cream for 300php, though.

I was able to use 1/4 of what's in the jar, even if I was applying it for a week. I did not want to throw it away so I gave it as a gift to Lanee, to whom I gave the other Voucher I bought for Facial Warts removal, but won't be able to use anymore since I am pregnant.

 3. Lurlur Asian Secrets Body Scrub.

After this jar I realized I have been using it incorrectly. You have to apply it when skin is still dry, not damp. Scrubbing once or twice a week, this lasted me less than a month.  

4. The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Tint

I have always been using The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Tint since I was in high school in the late 90's and I asked for this as a gift for Christmas last year from a friend. But it feels as if the formulation has changed. So I sold it in an online make-up forum. I still love The Body Shop.

5. Avon Nude Lipstick

I can't remember from which collection this belongs to. But I love it so much I have used it to the last gram. I remember I ordered this and other Avon items from an Avon Lady in my call center work, even if I was a Franchise Dealer myself. It was in November 2011 when I got this from her, and used the last gram when I was in Mang Inasal in Katipunan, waiting for Cecilia finish her class in Miriam.

6. The Body Shop Shimmerwaves.

I got the set as a gift as well, since I don't really buy anything I feel I won't be able to use regularly. I used The Body Shop Shimmerwaves for three months and finally gave it to Margaret, who, when she was looking at my Kikay Kit said she wanted to have it for herself.

7. The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner

The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner is my first, and applying it before leaving home takes 20-30 minutes more of my time. I envy girls who can wear make-up without effort, and how they can pull off the whole day still properly made up.  But liquid eyeliners are simply not for me. I probably might give it one more try since the Make-Up Artist Shiela I gave this to said my eyes are perfect for this. But not until I get another one for free.

8. Body Recipe Softening Foot Soak

I was not able to use this, at all. And I regifted it to our Lola neighbor here in Project 8. Cecilia is so fond of the old couple and once, when the Lola ordered Avon Foot Cream and Avon Foot Soak from an Avon brochure I was passing around, I thought of giving the Foot Soak I am not using to her as a freebie.

9. Sophie Strawberry Milk Moisturizing Mask

I was able to use this once. I ordered this from a Sophie dealer, a seemingly closet gay-guy from my call center work back in May 2012. I love the smell of the Sophie Strawberry Milk line, but I regifted it to an online mommy friend Marjorie who just celebrated her birthday last February 17th. I don't have the patience of putting these masks on a regular basis.

10. Fire Fruit Scent Body Butter

This is a gift for Christmas 2012 from Louise . This came as a set including a small Fire Fruit Scent Body Wash and a pink Body Sponge. Finished it to the last gram. And immediately disposed of the jar. (I am avoiding getting attached to jars like these because they just accummulate dust here at home.)

This is my second entry on Project 10 Pan, as I can remember correctly. And reading the 2009 entry, I realized that I have gone far:

1. I am still  not buying anything as much as possible.
2. I am actually using gifts OR giving them away as soon as I realize the product is not for me.

But despite these effforts, my dresser is still a mess. I still have a lot to use/sell/dispose. And I still have a lot of products on my wishlist to buy/as for as gifts.