Monday, January 10, 2011

10 Simple Things That Make Me Happy

January 2010 Farmville Picture.

Girltalk, my favorite forum, said to list 10 Things that make me happy:

1. Facebook games
2. Spanish Bread
3. Orange Juice sa umaga.
4. the smell of new magazines every month and the smell of newspapers every morning
5. unlimited call and texts
6. making lists
7. lotion
8.notebooks and pens kalat space

I did follow 2010 Belle de Jour's 21 Days of Making or Breaking a Habit, and i did break the habit of playing my facebook games because its taking so much of my time. 3 months of NOT logging into any of my games.

But what the heck. It makes me happy.

I now have a love-hate relationship again, this time with my facebook games -- currently loving Cityville, Farmville, Baking Life, Restaurant City... OMG back to addict time again. 

10 January 2011
2:30 PM

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