Friday, January 07, 2011

Project A: Level 5 Shoe Rack

15 lonely pairs of shoes I gave to Manong Garbage Collector one January 2011 Tuesday morning.

I threw 15 pairs of shoes. I don't have the luxury of space to keep them for sentimental reasons - and I have to let go and to move on, and just be happy that once in my life they made me happy. And I'm building a new batch of shoemates to put in a soon to be a Level 5 Shoe rack (that should fit our budget).

Change is continuous in spite of our efforts to resist it. We begin to realize that we do not have any way to stop it or to slow it down.  It becomes more difficult to hide from what in our hearts we know to be true—the fact of impermanence. 

Letting go happens naturally, just as shoes wear away. I do not need to make a dramatic statement in tossing them out -- but I am doing exactly that right now by posting this-- I just need to continue on.

7 January 2011

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